Holy Spirit, rest in me

Holy Spirit, help me see

Holy Spirit, set me free

Holy Spirit, rest in me


Captivity made liberty

That is our heart-cry, Lord

The blind see, the bound free

The poor will hear Your word


Hallelujah, let Your fire fall

Hallelujah, come and fill us all


Copyright © 2002 Robert A. Weber III (CCLI, ASCAP)


In 2002 I was sitting on my porch swing after Sunday evening services on Pentecost. The lyrics for the chorus just came to me. Then I grabbed a notebook and scrawled out the lyrics for the verse.

The melody started with the I-iii chord progression from Claude DeBussyís Claire de Lune, but rapidly took on itís own direction.

I have to admit that this is not my favorite song, but Iíve had others tell me that it is one of theirs. Each to his own, I guess. Iím not writing these songs for me.

The demo version that you can download has a piano solo after the bridge section. If you go stream the live version, there is a really cool electric guitar/violin duet there. Especially cool when you know that it was both improvised and unprepared, and the two instrumentalists couldnít really hear each other.


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