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Djembe Sample Library


A deep-sampled soundfont of the classic African drum.


The Djembe is an African drum carved from any of a variety of woods. It is goblet-shaped drum with a skin head. The standard djembe (recorded here) is 14”, but smaller sizes are available. The bottom is open and flares out, giving the drum a deep and full bass.

A skilled djembe player can produce a variety of tones with the drum. The most common three are the palm, or bass, often notated as Gun and Dun (right and left hand respectively); the tone played with the fingers and top part of the palm, notated Go and Do (they rhyme); and the slap, notated Pa and Ta, played with the fingertips. We also recorded a slap where the fingers slide off the side of the drumhead, producing an even higher pitch with a satisfying ring.

The drum sampled for this soundfont is a Remo Paulo Mattioli 14-inch, with a Fiber Skyn 3 Mondo Mo-Fa Head also by Remo. It was captured with three mics. The overhead was a Behringer B-5 small-diaphragm “pencil” condenser, through a BlueTube preamp, no tube, flat response, reversed polarity. To the side of the head was a Behringer B-2 Pro large-diaphragm condenser through the BlueTube, no tube, flat response. The bass mic up in the bell was another B-2 Pro, omni, pad, direct, flat response.

The percussionist was the late Ken Broy, a Board Certified Music Therapist and lifelong percussionist.


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